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A Case for Sex Education

There is a very vocal minority who believes that sexual education for children and teens should be nonexistent, that somehow keeping a child ignorant is “protecting his or her innocence.” I firmly disagree with this. Scratch that; make that strongly, emphatically, vehemently disagree. That belief ignores a very simple reality: some teens have sex. Even

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What To Do If Your Child Has Been Exposed To Porn

Q: Is there a video or other resource available to give age-appropriate information to children who have been prematurely exposed to it and why it is not a good thing to view porn? There is. I have written a book about that same subject and it is in the process of finding a publisher. I

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When Asking for Help, Know Where to Look

If there’s one thing I have figured out as an adult, it is that there are times when one needs to ask for help. Sounds easy, but if you are like me, it can be tough. I do recognize that every so often I need to call upon an expert for help in accomplishing some

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Creative Insults

On December 31st, I plan to make a New Year’s Resolution that is slightly different than those in my past. It’s the end of the year, and like many people, I’ve finished my review of 2015 and set some goals for 2016. My resolutions in the past have been The Usual – save more money,

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“Do I Need To Change My Body?”

The following is a guest post by my oldest daughter Marcia, 13 years-old. Originally, this essay was written for her 8th Grade Sex Education class and was an assignment to complete an essay question. It is posted here with her permission. Do I Need To Change My Body? My body is perfect the way it is

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Teaching Sexual Health to Kids

It was a typical weekday morning in our house. I was the first one up, and my kids were moving slowly to get ready for school. I headed downstairs to make some breakfast for us. Marcia came downstairs topless and in a rush; she showed me a little red spot on her left breast and

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Usually, a Massage is just a Massage

As a person who writes about sex and sexuality, the topic is on my mind a lot. I look at ordinary day to day events, and my mind processes them by examining how it relates to what we learn about sex, what messages we get, etc. And so much of what I encounter has shades

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Taking The “STI” Out Of Stigma

I have a syphilis stuffed toy. I got it from a sexuality conference I went to a couple of years ago. It’s from, and it’s adorable. Recently, my 13-year-old daughter started a sexuality education unit in her 8th-grade science class. On the day when they covered sexually transmitted infections (STI’s), she asked me if

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My Favorite Things – Holiday Gift Giving Edition

When I first started out as a sexuality educator the kind folks at the local SF adult shop Good Vibrations asked me about my favorite sex toys. I gave them a list of items and they posted it on their website alongside the favorite products of some amazing sex educators. Today I’m writing to update

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Are You Becoming “The Other Woman” (or Male equivalent)

I’m always surprised by the mental gymnastics people do around finding a partner and the behavior they’re willing to forgive in certain situations. I really shouldn’t be by now because instances like this come up fairly often. I’m sure if a friend were to explain the same story to the people in these situations that

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