Parent Consultation

Since I value sex and sexuality as such an important topic to discuss with children, I strive to help you, as parents, talk openly and honestly with your own children. I do not see myself as the person to have those conversations for you. On the contrary; I see your role as the loving parent to be *the* most important person to have these conversations. I KNOW the topic can be daunting and difficult, but in working together we can make it a bit easier. And believe me, it does get easier with practice.

Think back to when you were young; how you felt, what you were told, what you weren’t told, the subtle messages you received from other peers or adults. Some of things you saw or experienced may be things your child is also seeing or experiencing. Given the easy access to video, internet, movies, magazines and other media, your child may be seeing more than you did when you were young. Because this topic is so sensitive, you may want to:

  • Spin things a certain way, but in doing this you may unwittingly and unknowingly be sending an unintended message of sex-negativity.
  • Lie to “protect” them, but once they figure out you did not tell the truth? Well, the possible ramifications of taking that gamble may be worse than if you told them the truth in the first place.
  • Say “I’ll tell you when you are older”, but if they are asking, chances are they have heard it and don’t have a context in which to process the information.
    All the more reason to engage your child and help by sharing information, and most importantly, your values about sex and sexuality.

I want to help parents take a nurturing approach toward their children and give accurate, honest information to your children so they can have sexually healthy adult lives.

Individual or Couples Consultation

I understand how difficult it can be to talk to a partner about sexual concerns, let alone anyone else, when we live in a society where it’s not ok to talk about these things. I have a sex-positive and nonjudgmental approach. Through education, I encourage my clients to focus on pleasure rather than performance. I provide support, information and tools to help individuals effectively address their sexual concerns. I work compassionately with each individual to help him or her build on their strengths and attain the sexual goals they wish to address.

Colleague Consultation

I am available for individual consultations with other helping professionals to help expand the physician or therapist’s knowledge of sexual behavior, so that they can work more effectively with all their clients, no matter what the clients’ sexual practice may be. with schools and universities.