Guest Post: Iroha by Tenga- Yoru

Iroha by Tenga- Yoru

Review by Niseema Emery of Sensual Soul Sex & Relationship Coaching

The first time I heard of Tenga was around the time they were just breaking into the market with their masturbators designed for people with penises (Tenga Eggs and Tenga Flip). I found out (Through a giveaway post on Dr. Lanae’s Facebook page) that Tenga had created the Iroha line for people with pussies, and since I am a person with a pussy, I was really curious.

There are five different series of toys to choose from, each of the three toys in the Iroha+ series is sleek looking and loosely resembles a different animal (a bird, a hedgehog and a whale). Dr. Lanae gave me two options and I chose the one that looks like a whale, Yoru.

Often, I find small clitoral toys lacking in power and rhythm, but on the website it says that it has “a more powerful motor and new rhythm pattern”. So, although I didn’t have high expectations, I was hoping that Tenga would be able to change my mind about smaller vibrators.

When my little package arrived in the mail, I was curious about what this toy could offer. The packaging was in line with their website presentation- classy, stylish, modern. No sleezy or tacky pictures on the box, no hard to open molded plastic- just clean, creative, well presented and easy to open packaging made up of a few boxes. The toy itself is simple and not offensive at all, you could leave it on the counter and it wouldn’t be immediately obvious what it is. It’s also small enough to stick in your purse without adding much bulk.

Yoru was in one small box, the charging case and cord were in another small box, and both of those small boxes slid nicely into one main box. The charging ability of Yoru is simple too, you just place it on the charging dock for two hours to get a full charge. When Yoru came out of the box, I was intrigued by how soft and squshy it was, and it still had some firm edges that would later prove useful. In terms of the texture, it was love at first touch. Press and hold the “+” button to turn it on to its lowest setting, then just press the “+” button to get stronger vibration and access the different rhythms. Easy peasy. Yoru has five regular speeds and two different rhythmic functions.

Personally, I’m usually more interested in the regular speeds but I thought the rhythms on this toy were great!  The problem is usually not enough repetition to get to orgasm and thats just irritating. But not this time! Yorus rhythms were quite pleasing, although, being the creature of habit that I am, I did go back to the regular speeds. I’m a big proponent of good quality silicone, but sometimes the softer toys can dull the strength of vibration. Yoru does not have this issue, it packs some sweet punch. Happy camper right here.

One of my most favourite features of Yoru is the whales mouth, with waer based lube (don’t use oils or silicone based lube on this unless you want to ruin it). Ah.Mah.Zing. The lips of the whale mouth are open enough to slide right over the clitoris and they have enough firmness to create some seriously delicious rumbly sensations. The other amazing thing about this arrangement, is that while Yoru has your clitoris surrounded, it stimulates the clitoral legs (the part of the clitoris that lives beneath the surface of the labia). All at the same wonderful time!

Definitely a new favourite piece in my toy collection. It’s also worth mentioning that the only thing I’m really not loving about this product, is that it’s a bit difficult to find in Canada in the boutique shops.

Price range: $129.99-$230USD or $120CAD


Thanks for reading, I hope this helps you make a sexy informed decision!


xx Niseema




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