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Sexuality Workshops

Sexuality is an integral and amazing part of the human experience. We all deserve to have wonderful and satisfying sex lives, whether that is alone or with other people.  While there are so many different and varied aspects of human sexuality, there are two areas in particular that are my primary focus – Female Sexual Empowerment and Sex Education for Parents, Parents-to-be, & Anyone with Kids in their Lives. Most of my courses contain “The 5 Building Blocks to a Healthy Sexuality”, which address the very important non-sexual aspects of learning about sex; Communication, Consent, Respect, Pleasure, & Fantasy.

Some of the workshops and classes I offer:

Talking With Your Kids About Sex: A Guide for Parents, Parents-to-be, and Anyone with Kids in Their Lives – Everyone knows that talking with kids about sex is important, but it’s still one of the hardest things to do. Whether you’re a parent yourself, you plan to be someday, or you want to support the parents (and young people) in your life, the best way to do it right is to plan for it in advance. I have worked with hundreds of parents and I’ll help you figure it out. I’ll talk about common barriers parents have to having “the talk,” ways to integrate discussions of sexuality, relationships, decision making, and other relevant topics into everyday conversations, how to identify your own hurdles and challenges, where to get the best info you need to support your children, and more. Sex-positive parenting is something that takes practice and work, and with my help, you’ll be well on your way to making sure your kids (and future kids) will have the info, support, and skills to take care of themselves, make the best decisions they can, and enjoy a happy and fulfilling sex life.


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Mom and Daughter

Consulting with Parents about Sex & Kids

“I LOVE the sex questions! I remember when you helped me sort through some of this stuff. And now I welcome all of it :) Thanks for being so open and reminding us that it’s all OK – it doesn’t have to be tricky or taboo.”
~D.B.”You have a new fan that supports your causes, both parenting and female empowerment about sex. I will definitely be keeping up with your blog.” ~A.M.